Wann kam welche Funktion?

Damit auch im Rückblick der Überblick nicht verloren geht, hier eine Aufzählung der mit jeder Funktion neu hinzugekommenen Funktionen:

FrameMaker 9.0


FrameMaker 8.0

  • Unicode support für Texte, Formatnamen, nicht alle Import-Filter
  • Enhanced conditional text features: Manage condition tags, using the new Manage Conditional Tag dialog box. Add new condition tags, using the new Add Conditional Tag dialog box. Rename condition tags. Use the New Color button in the Edit Conditional Tag dialog box to define a new color for a condition tag. Visually distinguish text with multiple condition tags, as the color of the text depends on the set of tags applied to the text.
  • Build Boolean expressions with complex combinations of condition tags and Boolean operators to generate conditional output.
  • XML roundtripping is enhanced to preserve XML comments as markers. System variables and Processing Instructions (PIs) are also roundtripped.
  • You can import element formatting from CSS into DTD, so you can ensure consistent formatting across different XML applications.
  • Support for single-sourcing workflows lets you filter structured documents.
  • You can filter structured documents based on attribute values using complex Boolean expressions. Multiple expressions can be created and saved for generating different outputs.
  • Track Text Edits
  • DITA application pack
  • 3D workflows (Windows® only)
  • Support for SWF files (Windows only)
  • HTTP file path support (Windows only)
  • Enhanced WebDAV support
  • Import of Office 2007 content (Windows only)

FrameMaker 7.2

  • Multiple undo
  • History palette.
  • XML schema as an alternative to DTDs for defining the structure of your content.
  • Incorporate XSLT into your editing workflow. Automatically transform your XML content when you open it in FrameMaker, or save it out from FrameMaker with XSLT scripts.
  • Improved support for the migration to XML and structured content
  • New features in conversion tables that reduce the manual touch-up required in migrating unstructured content to structured
  • Introductory migration guide that outlines the basic steps required in migrating to XML and structured content
  • More structured samples and templates

FrameMaker 7.1

  • Support for conditional text in XML documents
  • Ability to create cross-references between multiple XML files/instances
  • Save As XML default when editing XML documents
  • New import filters for QuarkXPress and Adobe PageMaker® documents (Windows® only)
  • New OpenType® fonts and updated templates on both Windows and UNIX® versions
  • Support for direct placement of Adobe Photoshop® and JPEG 2000 images and improved SVG support

FrameMaker 7.0

  • Ability to open, validate, edit and save XML files for XML roundtripping
  • XML starter applications for DocBook 4.1 and XHTML, plus an XML Cookbook that demonstrates how to work with XML and structured applications
  • Automatic association of master pages with pages based on paragraph styles or element tags
  • More flexibility in custom master pages for reordering in any sequence
  • Up to 12 available running header and footer variables for more complex documents
  • Select/Deselect All option in the Import Formats dialog box
  • Improved UNIX font handling with support for OpenType, TrueType, and Type 1 formats
  • New import and export filters supporting RTF 1.6 and the latest versions of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Updated version of Quadralay WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition for publishing FrameMaker documents to HTML and other formats
  • Support for Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)
  • Support for WebDAV for content creation and collaboration
  • Tagged PDF file generation for better document accessibility and improved presentation of documents on a variety of devices and platforms
  • Compatibility with Windows 2000 accessibility features
  • Alternate text descriptions for graphics in output formats intended for the visually impaired